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Catshill Middle School 2023 Production 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

CMS is absolutely thrilled to announce this year's production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! At the beginning of the school year every pupil at Catshill Middle School is invited to be part of the cast and sign up details are on epraise. 

Pupils meet every week and no minute is wasted, its full steam ahead for the final show. More details will be shared on dates and tickets soon. 

Full cast list. 

Charlie Bucket - Riley 

Willy Wonka - Faith 

Verruca Salt - Lily & Bella 

Augustus Gloop - Phoebe 

Violet Beauregarde - Olivia 

Mike TV - Dan 

Grandpa George - Alfie 

Mrs Bucket - Bridie 

Mr Bucket - Erin 

Grandma Josephine - Abigail 

Grandma Georgina - Jessica 

Grandpa George - Isla 

Mrs Gloop - Beatrix 

Mrs Salt - Darcey 

Mrs Beau - Ruby 

Mr Beau - Skye 

Hilda - Maddison 

TV Presenters - Tilly, Sophia, Maddie, Erin, Tallulah, Isibeal

Candy Woman - Kyra 

Oompa Lumpas - Evelyn, Mark, Chloe, Isabelle, Charlotte, Nancy, Elizabeth, Marcus 

Waiting for auditions, cheering each other on! 
The Oompa Loompas 


Mike TV  


The show goes on - even at Christmas! 
First run through of the script. 

10/05/23 Rehearsals are in full swing! 

Tonight drama practised the scene where Mr Wonka tells Charlie he is giving him his factory! 

Imagine - being gifted Cadbury World!!!??