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Meet the Staff

Leadership Group



Mr P Essenhigh

Executive Headteacher: Federation Strategic Leadership, Safeguarding DSL, Finance, Premises, Human Resources

Mr J Thompson

Head of School: Teaching & Learning, School Improvement, Data Management & Tracking

Mrs D McCrory

Assistant Headteacher: Teaching and Learning, Whole School Curriculum, ECT Mentor, Induction Tutor and Mentor 

Mr K Hirst

Assistant Headteacher: Teaching and Learning, Inclusion Manager, Pupil Welfare Team Manager

Mr R Duerden

Assistant Headteacher: Pastoral Lead for KS3, Pupil Leadership, Staff Wellbeing, Parental Engagement.

Teaching Staff 



Mr D Hewitt

KS2 Pastoral Leader, Specialist Teacher of PE

Mrs K Barton

Year 5 Class 5KB, Specialist Teacher of English and Maths

Miss P Coleman

Year 5 Class 5PC, Specialist Teacher of English 

Mrs A Dunn 

Year 5 Class 5AD, Specialist KS2 Teacher of English and Humanities 

Miss H Woodward 

Year 5 Class 5HW, Specialist Teacher of English 

Miss M Butler

Year 6 Class 6MB, Specialist Teacher of PE

Mr Rob German 

Year 6 class 6RG, KS2 Teacher 

Mrs J Finn-McDonald

Year 6 Class 6JM, Specialist Teacher of Art & Design & Technology

Miss Natalie Spalding 

Year 6 Class 6NS, Specialist Teacher of English

Miss L Marshall

Year 7 Class 7LM, Specialist Teacher of Design and Technology

Mr P Cutler 

Year 7 Class 7PCU, Specialist Teacher of Computing 

Miss F Khorami

Year 7 Class 7ML, Specialist Teacher of Science

Mr D Morris 

Year 8 Class 8DM, Curriculum Leader for Science

Mr J Grazier

Year 8 Class Group 8JG, Curriculum Leader for English

Mr D Dugan

Year 8 Class 8DD, Curriculum Leader for Humanities

Other Teaching Staff



Ms L Leese

Curriculum Leader for Mathematics

Mrs S Rowell

Specialist Teacher of Music

Mrs J Sadler

Specialist Teacher of Mathematics & PE

Mrs A Riddell

Specialist Teacher of English

Miss H Gardner

Specialist Teacher of Spanish

Mrs P Paddock 

Specialist Teacher of Spanish 

Mrs P Nesbitt 


Admin Team



Mrs K Sabin

School Business Manager

Mrs W Gardner

Office Manager, Admissions, SIMs Database

Mrs E Aston

Communication Leader, Admin Assistant

Miss V Letts

Receptionist/Admin Assistant

Mrs T Moore

Librarian, Finance Assistant

Miss N Ostermeyer

Lead First Aid 

Teaching Assistants & Support Staff



Mrs T Andrews

Child Protection/CLA Deputy & DSL 

Miss J Smith 

Pastoral Leader

Mrs S Dix

Pupil Welfare Team, Trauma Informed Practitioner

Miss M Donnelly 

Inclusion Support Manager, Mental Health Lead Practitioner 

Mr S Hirst

Network Manager - Full Time

Mr M Robbins 

Network Apprentice 

Mrs A Willetts 

Cover Supervisor, Pupil Premium Mentor, Pupil Welfare Team

Mrs S Holden

Assistant Teacher

Mrs L Hubbard

DT Technician/Assistant Teacher

Mrs J Kendall

Assistant Teacher

Mrs S Taylor

Assistant Teacher

Mrs J White 

Assistant Teacher 

Mrs J Hirons

Assistant Teacher 

Mrs M Cottrell 

Assistant Teacher 

Miss H Gray

Assistant Teacher

Mrs N Spoor 

Assistant Teacher 

Mrs L Boot 

Assistant Teacher 

Mrs N Forbes 

Assistant Teacher 

Miss A Wilson 

Sports Coach, Pupil Welfare Team

Mrs G Stallard

SEND Administrator

Premises Staff



Mr G Wilson

Site Manager

Mr P Wheeler

Assistant Caretaker