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Catshill Learning Community

Welcome to Catshill and our unique federation of both Catshill Schools

In January 2013 the governing bodies of both schools became one with the sole purpose of supporting both schools on their learning journey for the children in their care.

We have developed an enhanced team of governors who bring with them outstanding support in terms of expertise, energy and a commitment to create 21st Century learning institutions. Our team comprises former Headteachers, Ofsted Inspectors, representatives from the business community, NHS, parents and finance institutions.

During this period of huge change in education, as schools develop new leadership models, we created a structure within our learning community that supports our core purpose of maximising progress and attainment of our children whilst ensuring that we give them life long learning opportunities that will help shape their character and values. 

To achieve this in both schools, we have created a Head of School role whose purpose is to focus upon Learning and Teaching and daily behaviour under the strategic leadership of a Headteacher. The continual delegation of duties to schools has meant that it has been very difficult, almost impossible, for a Headteacher to lead learning and teaching whilst also delivering all the additional aspects of school leadership (Inclusion, Buildings, Finance, Human Resources etc). This unique approach in Bromsgrove is now functioning effectively and we are also supporting other schools within the local authority and nationally who are considering similar leadership models.

What does this mean to you as a parent of a child in our care? Ultimately, it means that you have a focussed team of senior, middle leaders, teachers and support staff who strive to provide personalised learning experiences for those children who are part of our learning journey from first to middle school and beyond into high school. Our developing cluster working with other first schools, notably Lickey End and Fairfield is further enhancing our professional expertise in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and middle years educational practice. Our learning partnership with North Bromsgrove High School and its new leadership team is ensuring that children in the north of Bromsgrove are getting the best possible educational opportunities which can be seen in the most recent GCSE achievements of our former children.

To truly gain an understanding of what this means to children and parents please contact us to arrange an opportunity to visit us in action and gauge for yourselves what we can achieve with your support.

Julia Shingler: Headteacher, Catshill Learning Community
James Thompson: Head of School, Catshill Middle School