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Admissions September 2024

Welcome to our new intake September 2024 page. Prospective parents/carers can find useful information about Catshill Middle School on the website. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Catshill Middle School, and we hope you find everything you need on this page, before joining us in September. 

For any information regarding the current admissions process (beyond what is on our website) please contact Worcestershire County Council. 

If you have any questions about our school, please email [email protected] and we will be pleased to help you.

For day to day updates, please visit our school social media. We are so proud of our students and celebrate their success as much as we can, and we use our social media as much as we can to give an insight into daily life at Catshill!



How will I know my way around?

On your first day, you will have another tour of the school where your teacher will point out which rooms you will go to for some of your lessons. There will be lots of staff around school, especially in those first few days, to direct you to the correct place. Our older pupils will always be happy to help too! 

Will I stay with my form teacher all day?

You will have some lessons with your form teacher but for others, you will have specialist teachers in specialist rooms, such as science in the lab. Your timetable (which you will receive on your first day) will tell you which room you will be in and who your teacher will be.

Where will I eat my lunch?

Whether you buy lunch here or bring your own, you will eat in the main hall. We have a rota so that all year groups take turns being 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th dinner sitting. For your first two weeks, you will be on 1st dinner sitting and then be able to go out to play once finished.

How do I pay for my lunch?

We use a cash only system for buying lunch. A lunch will cost £2.60. You may choose each day whether you’d like to bring lunch or buy one. Pupils of free school dinners at first school will continue to have them at Catshill Middle. 

Can we bring a snack for break?

You may bring a healthy snack for break time. Alternatively, the canteen will sell snacks such as toast, fruit and others.

Where will I keep all of my belongings?

Your class will be assigned a row in our KS2 cloakroom. Within that row, you will choose a peg and that will be your peg for the year so you always know where your things will be. You will keep your bag, coat and PE kit on your peg and just take the things you need for your lessons. At break and lunch time, you will put your things back into your bag.

What clubs can I join?

There are many types of clubs to join at Catshill and we encourage all pupils to find a club that interests them. These range from sports, such as football and gymnastics, drama, choir, games, reading, SPaG monsters and then there are clubs which are specifically requested by pupils, such as Pokemon club.  

Can I bring my mobile to school?

Pupils are allowed to bring mobiles if there is a specific need to, such as needing to inform parents/carers that they have arrived safely. Parents/carers will need to request a permit for this and then pupils’ mobile phones will remain in the school office, safely, for the duration of the school day.

What do I need in my bag?

Bringing the correct equipment to school is essential to ensure you are ready to learn. You will need a named pencil case with a handwriting pen, pencil, rule and rubber. Pencil crayons and other stationery are allowed but not essential. Sharpeners are not to be brought into school; your teachers will have these for you to use in lessons.

What do I do on PE days?

This may change depending on the time of year but you will be informed of these changes clearly, and in advance. In September, you will need to bring your PE kit into school on the designated days. Your PE days will be displayed in the cloakroom, in your classroom, on your timetable and on epraise. 

What is epraise?

We use an app called ‘epraise’ which has many uses: tracking house points, communication between teachers and parents, booking onto clubs, ‘buying’ reward trips and recording homework due.You will be shown exactly how to use epraise when you join in September. 

Will I go on any trips?

We have two types of trips: curriculum trips and reward trips. The curriculum trips are linked to your learning; reward trips are for pupils who make the right choices in schools, work hard and deserve a treat at the end of each half term! 

What time can I arrive at school?

The gate to the playground will be opened at 8.25am and pupils allowed to start making their way to their classroom at 8.40am. All pupils must be in school by 8.45am.

What are the school values?

These are our core values: 

Is there a library?

We have a great library full of a huge range of books which you are able to read. Within your first couple of weeks, you will be assessed on your reading so that the range of books you can borrow is perfect for your reading ability. You will then take a quiz on each book you read to ensure you have understood the book. We have many prizes for amounts of words read and successful quiz results.